20 Fantastic Ideas About Food To Eat While Camping

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Still, wonder about food to eat while camping? These below finger-licking good campfire food suggestions will make your upcoming trip much better.

Whether you are heading to Joshua Tree or Yosemite Valley, camping is considered one beautiful and fantastic parts of my summer. I love hanging out with my whole family, communing naturally with the beautiful outdoor scenes, and living my amazing life without any distraction. Even though going camping is a thrifty activity, there are several concerns you should consider to make your trip perfect. Straightforward and healthy food to eat while camping is one of them. So, I will share our favorite cheap meals for your reference.

food chicken meat outdoors

Cooking at your campsite

Cooking when camping can be painless, quick, and easy. But you may make it delicious and nutritious as well. Recipes bring the endless possibilities which are dependent upon which the palate craves that time. Herbs and spices intensify the meal and are easily packed before your camp trip. There are many types of food to eat while camping you may try.

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Top 10 Healthy and Easy Breakfast Meals

Let me know who does not enjoy the feeling of waking up as well as preparing their first meal to start an exciting camping day? Below you will find Top 10 easy and healthy breakfast ideas.

#1: Omelets and Toast

You only need to bring a loaf of bread as well as fresh jam to get ready for your delightful breakfast. You may put two eggs in one zip lock bag with the gallon size for each member of your camping group. It is ideal the preparation for their daily breakfast. Add in veggies, meats or tofu if you’d like. After firing up your stove in the morning, boil a water pot with the suitable size. Drop the egg into the water. Boil for 15 minutes or cook on the backcountry stove. Meanwhile, toast the bread as well as slather on jam or butter or jam.

#2: Gravy and Biscuits

Picking up a box of cookies from the supermarket or nearby store is one option to prepare food to eat while camping. If you have free time, you may make your homemade biscuits before your trip starts.

#3: Pre-made Sandwiches for Breakfast

If you want to save most of your cooking time, then it is indeed for you. All you have to do is to make the sandwiches quickly from your kitchen before taking off. Next, stash them orderly in the cooler. Their ingredients include egg, sausage, ham, cheese, and bacon. If you or your friends are the vegetarians, cheese and veggies are only two elements you need. If you would like to make biscuits, you may either do over the small stove or from home. Do not forget to wrap them up in the aluminum foil before freezing for future use.

#4: Granola, Fresh Fruit, and Yogurt or Milk

This option requires your minimal effort and can be self-explanatory. Also, you can pack a cereal box to serve your little ones.

#5: Pancakes

Many of us have to agree that pancake is one delicious dish although it is an obvious choice for your breakfast. You should try our favorite combination, the Sprouted Grain. Add milk, eggs, honey, and oil, so you are in for your real treat. Besides, you can bring one package of pre-made pancake mix which only requires you to add water.

#6: Egg or Tofu Veggie Scramble

Eggs or Tofu might be utilized in this dish which you can cook quickly by using the outdoor stove. Remember to bring along the favorite ingredients to make this good scramble: tomatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, spinach, onions, red peppers, tomatillos, cilantro, arugula, and so on. You should add in eggs or tofu during ten last minutes of your cook time. Chop veggies in advance at home so you can save time.

#7: Breakfast Grains or Oatmeal

It is another easy and straightforward choice for your great breakfast. In fact, individual oatmeal packets are enough compact to carry with you in your trip. But walnuts or almonds pack are sufficient to get all of your group to pass through a whole long day. So, fresh fruit placed in your bowl or on two sides may send you comfortably on the way.

#8: Blueberry Muffins

Most of the campers pre-made their blueberry muffins for their breakfast. You can buy a box of them or homemade this dish in the maximum of 20 minutes.

#9: Breakfast Burritos

Just like muffins, you may do homemade Burritos and frozen before thawing and use. In such situation, wrap them carefully in the aluminum foil, and you can heat up them quickly by dropping the burritos into the fire. Otherwise, you have to fire up your small stove and sauté the favorite fillings. Next, wrap up your goodness.

#10: Campfire Potatoes

To have the great dish of campfire potatoes, you should choose the cubed Russet one. Its auxiliary ingredients are olive oil, margarine or butter, onion, peppers, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and seasoned salt. After putting most of the above ingredients in a pan, add seasonings and stir the mixture occasionally until completely crispy and browned. The dish tastes best when you can feel tender in its middle. It can be served alongside other favorite breakfast items.

Top 10 Simple and Nutritious Dinner Meals

Are you looking for the nutritious dishes for your meal, which require the minimal effort? Prepare your meals beforehand as well as consider all available options. If you are a meat lover, you can select a classic bucket that includes 2 noodles along with chicken, 2 beef stroganoff, 2 beef stew, 2 chicken teriyaki, 2 granola along with blueberries, 2 lasagnas along with the meat. In other hands, there are a variety of favorites for vegetarians such as Pasta Primavera, Soup Medley, Vegetarian Lasagna, Mashed Potatoes, and Vegetarian Bacon.

#1: Fire-roasted Meat or Veg

It is incredibly easy for you to prepare and wrap at home. All you need to do is to chop the veggies in advance: regular or sweet potatoes, cauliflower, onions, peppers, cabbage, zucchini, celery, squash, garlic, carrots, etc. According to your preference, tofu, meat or fish should be added in the veggies. Remember to put the tasty and fresh herbs like salt and pepper. Wrap the mixture in the aluminum foil before freezing ahead of time. Before going to your campsite, pop it in the cooler. To cook the Fire-roasted Meat or Veg, put it in the direct fire or place on your grill and turning so often.

#2: Pasta with sautéed veggies soup

This dish is delicious and nutritious after your tired day of climbing, hiking or biking. Sprinkle with fresh oregano, parsley or basil and top them with the parmesan cheese, now you have a tasty treat!

#3: Cornbread and soup

Plan ahead to make your delicious soup for dinnertime. Package it entirely in one zip lock. Then, either pop or freeze in the cooler before leaving out the house. You can also bake cornbread in your outside oven or at home and enjoy the deliciousness.

#4: Pasta with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

You can make this dish without or with the foil. The cooking way is indeed simple by boiling your pasta while sautéing tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and onion. Then, season with pepper and salt and add in your pasta to such skillet. Do not forget to top with the fresh basil.

#5: Foil-Baked Fish with Lemon, Asparagus, Couscous and Garlic

To do this dish, you should toss the fish in a fire, instead of using the oven. Remember to turn every minute until well-cooked to the preference taste. Make one side of voila, gourmet, and couscous in the campsite!

#6: Polenta Rounds with Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onions

It looks a bit complex, but the making way is indeed simple then. You can get a polenta log from any grocery store nearby your house. As one package feeds two people, slice it into some thin rounds to cook on the medium heat by using coconut or olive oil. Once its side slightly hardens, flip and repeat.

At the same time, caramelize the onions and add some tablespoons of olive oil, two onions, and sugar. Then, cook on the low high heat, stir evenly until having the hardened onions. This process may take you about 15 minutes. Once the onions and rounds are well-done, decorate with the polenta on the bottom, following by caramelized onions then topped them with the goat cheese.

#7: Cold Noodle

It is indeed one type of salads came from Asian countries. You may choose it as your food to eat while camping, especially when you have limited preparation time. Cook your soba or Udon noodles and simply toss with the sesame oil. Then, whip up it with the dressing. You can easily make it by adding 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 3 tablespoons of tahini, 2 tablespoons of fresh ginger, 2 tablespoons of rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, pepper, and salt to taste. Throw in 1/4 vegetable broth cup and toss the noodles again. Put the diced red pepper, 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds, cucumber, cilantro, tomato, and scallions or chives in the above mixture. A refreshing cold noodle is waiting for your dinner during your summer time.

#8: Grilled Cheese or Fireside Toasties

You may use whatever veggies, meat substitutes or meat and cheeses which sound tasty and delicious to you. You may choose to make grilled cheese or Fireside Toasties by your stove. Buy and cut a loaf of French bread into slices. Spread mustard and butter on these slices. Then wrap your sandwich in the foil before cooking on your grill or in the fire. Remember to turn frequently until it is well-done. Another comfortable option you can choose from is to buy one pie iron which helps you to cook grilled cheese, waffles or tacos.

#9: Curly hot dogs

Let’s try out an amazing way to refresh your regular dinner.  All necessary ingredients are only crescent rolls and hot dogs. Wrap each crescent roll completely around them. Roast the roll until this dough is well-cooked and you have the warm meal.  It takes 10 minutes to cook this dish all the way. However, it is indeed worth it.

#10: Pizza log for Campfire

At the end of my dinner list of food to eat while camping, I will brief introduce you the way to make a delicious and nutritious Pizza log for Campfire. First, roll out the pizza dough gently into one rectangle. You can use the pizza dough in the refrigerator or make a new one by yourself. Add mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and your favorite toppings in the dough.  You can also use up meats and veggies.

You should start rolling at the end of the dough and go up like the way you make the cinnamon rolls. Remember to pinch all of its ends to have the seamless log for your pizza goodness.  Throwing a bit parsley on its top for colors is a good idea. After wrapping it in the foil, you can freeze it. You may cook the pizza on the grill or put this dish in your logs for about 25 minutes. Do not forget to flip often. Then, put or cut it apart to serve.  As a matter of fact, fresh pizza can be the rare commodity in a campsite and can struggle in seconds.


Camping is considered a great and stunning way for me to spend free time with my friends and family. It is often a meditation form after a long working day. Hope that our 20 fantastic ideas about food to eat while camping will help you make the healthiest and easiest dish for breakfast and dinner in your campsite.