5 Unknown Wonders of Multi Fuel Stove (# 3 Will Surprise You!)

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The mountain is calling! Grab your bag and pack your things for we are leaving! But.. wait! Do we have all the basic things we need?

Mountain camping

For people like us who are into travelling, hiking, camping, and backpacking, our gears are the most important to us. From which backpack we should bring, what kind of trekking pole we should buy, to the tent we should use, we always want to make sure that we have the most durable and reliable ones.

One of the essentials to have when camping is a stove –what else defeats a good and decent meal combined with camping– and based on my experience, multi fuel stove is the best one I’ve used so far. Hence, I decided to create this list involving all the reasons why I recommend multi fuel stove among other types of camping stove so you can also enjoy travelling as much as I do, without the need to worry about where and how to prepare your food. Read on!

#1 It’s the most convenient stove to have

You can bring your multiple fuel stove in different parts of the world and various local and remote areas, not having to worry what are the available fuels there are in your next destination. It runs on gasoline, diesel, unleaded, jet fuel, kerosene, and the list goes on.

For instance, kerosene and unleaded are the most common fuel across the globe.. but! If you’re camping in North America, chances are you will mostly find white gas. With multi fuel stove, you don’t need to have a couple of sets of stoves as it works with basically.. everything.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, multi fuel stove is also the best because it works well in both high and low altitude. Furthermore, its performance stays the same in different seasons. If this stove is a clothing size, it’s a unisex one size fits all thing!

#2  Its fire is hotter and longer

The reason you went out camping is to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. As much as possible, you just want to relax and let all your worries go. Now, if you’re out in the mountains or at the beach, the least thing you would want to do is to spend much time on cooking. With multi fuel stove, you can easily prepare your meal as the fire it produces is hotter than your usual camping stove. Aside from that, its fire also lasts longer.

Pro tip: Great campers always look for stoves that boil water easily and have simmering capabilities. Multi fuel stove can do both, what else could you ask for?

#3 It gives you the option to go cheap!

Camping shouldn’t be pricey. It’s one of the reasons behind its popularity. After all, if you decided to have spent your time relaxing outside, chances are you are on a budget. Why else didn’t you choose to stay at a hotel?

With multi fuel stove, you can find the most reasonable fuel source possible and use it, if you are really on a tight budget.

Note: Unleaded fuel is really cheap!

#4 You can control the fire.

No, you don’t want to create a bushfire. Neither do you want to watch the world on fire.. in a literal sense. You just want to cook your food and spend the rest of your time watching the beauty of the world as the wind’s caressing your skin.  Or maybe you just want to boil water for your morning coffee.

One amazing thing about this camp stove is you get to control the fire. It saves you from spending too much fuel in cooking your camping meal. More importantly, it also prevents fire incidents from happening.

#5 It stands the test of time!

The last thing you would want to happen is to have your only camping stove fail you while you are away from the civilization; leaving you with uncooked food to stare at while you’re daydreaming of what could have been if you brought a reliable stove.

Multi fuel stove is known for its durability. Some might complain it is heavy but it’s built to conquer rain, snow, or shine.

Pro tip: Cleaning and proper storage adds up to its life span.

What type of camping stove? Are you interested in seeing a multi fuel camping stove in action? Look at this Youtube video I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uZvUoiOOH4 It’s a great video for starters.

If you are currently using a multi fuel camping stove already, what are the brands you have already tried? Do you have anything else to add to this article? Tell us more in the comments!