Backpacking Check-list: A guide for backpackers

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A backpacking trip is a very challenging and fun trip activity that everyone who loves travelling should try. There are many stories and experiences to share after going back from this kind of trip. Backpacking is way different with common travelling that needs much budget. Being a backpacker does save my money and there are more fun and excitement that cannot be replaced by anything. However, there are many things that should be considered and prepared when I want to do this kind of trip. On this occasion, I would like to share a backpacking checklist that you should prepare if you want to have a fun and safe trip.

Backpacking Checklist
Backpacking Checklist

Checklist No. 1: A Backpack

This item is the reason why the trip is called backpacking trip. You should have a good-quality backpack. It doesn’t to be a big and bulky backpack. The most important thing is that this can support all your needs during the trip. You can find it online and you will have huge selections of a backpack that you can choose.

Checklist No. 2: Navigation kits

When doing a backpacking trip, map and compass (or you can use your GPS) are very important since this will help you to know where you are. You will need the items because a backpacking trip is like going to a certain place via uncommon ways that it should be. And if you are going to hike a mountain, it is a must to bring this item.

Checklist No. 3: Clothing and related items

Choosing the right clothing will determine your comfort during the trip. Make sure that you bring clothing items that will give you comfort and safety during the backpacking trip. Some important clothing items that you should consider are underwear, jacket, rain jacket, shirts, hat, socks and boots. You might also need a tent and a sleeping bag for emergency shelter or outdoor trip.

Checklist No. 4: Foods and water supplies

Having food and water supplies is very important to make sure that you will not get starve or thirsty during your trip. Calculate your needs and make sure that you have enough supply during the trip.

Checklist No. 5: First aid kit

This is another important item that you should bring in your backpacking trip. You will never know what will happen in your journey. You should bring this item for your safety so that you will be able to help yourself or your friends if a condition occurs. You should also bring your own medication needs if you have a certain condition just in case you will have it on your trip.

Checklist No. 6: Emergency needs and optional needs

Emergency needs include everything for survival, such as matches or lighter to create fire, knife, flashlight, extra batteries and many more. For optional needs, you might bring anything you need if your backpack can support them.


In short, the key for a fun and safe backpacking trip only brings what you need when you have no option for survival, your basic needs when you are away from your home. That checklist will help you to prepare anything before your trip. I have experienced some backpacking trips and all of them were awesome so you can make this checklist as your guide.