What are the best ways to start a camp fire while it’s raining or wet?

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One of the best things about going on a camping trip is that you can enjoy in the company of friends as well as family members. It feels really nice during winters when you spend time around the bonfire. A high quality best gas stove can help you cook food as well as light up the fire.

The warmth and excellent experience makes you happy and enchanting. However, one of the most difficult things to do while it’s raining or wet is to light up a campfire. The wood is damp and moist and it takes a lot of effort to fire it up. Do you also face the same concern? Read these incredibly easy and praiseworthy tips to make happen and to enjoy your camping trip to the maximum.

camping while its raining

Do not wait for the rain to stop

In such case there are two situations. If it had started raining fast then make sure to collect maximum wood. You can do this by engaging maximum number of friends. If it is raining slowly then also you need to collect firewood but here at this time you can relax a bit. As soon as you collect the firewood make sure to wrap it with some sheet or waterproof material. You can use this collected wood and use it in instalments whenever there is a need. While you light up the fire make sure to use the best camping wood stove so that you don’t face issues.

Collect smaller branches and wood pieces

  • Another best thing to do is to collect smaller branches and wood pieces. Such small pieces can be easily dried up and used when there is need. You can also light up a small fire and place these pieces near the fire so that they can dry up early with the heat. But make sure to place them at a place where they cannot catch fire easily.
  • While collecting small branches or twigs try to break them with your hands. If you see that they are getting broken easily and a crisp sound is coming then it means these branches and small pieces are good for use as they are dry from inside.

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Do not ignore big wooden logs

  • Big wooden logs can also prove to be useful for lighting up the fire. All you need to do is to cut them into small pieces with the help of a chain saw or hand saw. The inside of these logs is normally dry and can act as perfect item for a camping fire.
  • Apart from big wooden logs, you should also search for tree barks which are dry and shavings. These items can help in starting the fire in an easy and simple manner. If you are camping with your family then kids which are more than the age of 6 years can be asked to collect this bark and shavings. It will help them keeping engaged and a team work spirit will also grow inside them.

You can also use some fuel

fire cooking outdoors campingThough this technique should only be used in the end but can act as a successful way in lighting up the camp fire. If you are going on a camping then it means that you are carrying a camp stove with you. It is good to use some fuel from the best camp stove and sprinkle it on the wood. Make sure to take all the precautionary measures while doing this step so that that the safety should not get compromised.

Keep your kids away while following this step because fuel catches fire very fast and kids have a small response time during such conditions.

Carry spare newspapers with you

  • As we all know that it is very difficult to light up the wood which is wet and in such case it is always good to carry few spare newspapers with you. Paper can be easily burned and it helps in starting up the fire.
  • You can also spray some propane fuel on a ball of paper and light it up. It will light up easily and will stay lighted up for a longer period of time enabling you to start the camp fire smoothly.
  • Another best idea is to carry some cardboard pieces. Though it will add up the weight but can prove to be another best item for lighting up the firing during rainy or wet season. You can fold such cardboard pieces so that you are able to carry maximum.

Spread all the wood and branches so that they can dry up

  • One of the best things to do is to spread all the wood as well as branches so that these things can dry up. If you have reached at the camping site in the morning or afternoon and collect the wood and place it under shade or some waterproof sheet. You will see that the wood will dry up by evening and it will be a perfect time to start the camping fire.
  • Apart from this method, you can also place a big stone beneath the wooden logs and small pieces of wood. The stone will help in dissipating the excess moisture from the wood and it will become easier for you to fire it up.

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From all of these points you must have found out one amazing thing that a camp stove is an absolute necessity while going to a camping trip. Hence, it is always good to read good camp stove reviews so that you can buy the best camping stove and are able to enjoy to the maximum.

Though there are plenty of many more such amazing tricks that can be deployed for lighting up the camp fire but the above mentioned tips and tricks are considered as the best and time saving. Finally, it is all about enjoying your trip to the maximum and you can enjoy it fully with a positive spirit.