Correct way to use the best camping stoves

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If you are heading out for camping, hiking or weekend trip, then camp stove is the best equipment to carry along. A wide variety of camp stoves are available in the industry and each type is better than the other. In this article, we will be discussing about the correct way to use different camp stoves.

correct way to use the best camping stoves

Non-pressurized liquid stoves:

To use non pressurized liquid stoves, follow the steps mentioned below

  • First of all, open the Trangia and remove the pieces from it. You should collect a small sized pan, a large pan, a lid, a handle, to windshield, bottom windshield, brass burner and a strap.
  • The next step is to place the base of the windshield at the ground level. However, you should never place it inside your tent as it can lead to fire.
  • Now, you should fill up brass burner with methanol. While filling up the burner with methanol, you should be extremely careful because in case the methanol spills on the ground, then it can cause serious trouble for you as well as the surroundings near you.
  • Now, get the other piece of the windshield and place it onto the base. Before you twist it for connecting them, make sure the uppermost part is fully above the base of the windshield.
  • Light up the methanol using a match stick. The flames cannot be seen, which means in order to check whether the stove has lit up or not, you need to feel the heat releasing from the camp stove.
  • Take help of the handle for placing the cooking pot above the stove.
  • The last step is to extinguish the fire, once you are done with cooking. Take help of the handle and gently put down the simmering ring over the flames. Now, smoothly move the disc on top of the brass burner to ensure it is properly covered. Within a few seconds, the flame will be extinguished.

Solid fuel stove

In order to correctly use solid fuel stove, you should follow the steps mentioned below in the same manner.

  • Take out the camp stove from the bag and place it on a flat surface. However, while placing the stove, you should make sure the spikes are facing up.
  • In order to light up the stove, place few hexamine blocks on it. If you are finding it difficult to light up the stove, then you should break blocks of hexamine into smaller pieces.
  • Now, use a match box to light up the stove. You need to be very careful while lighting up the stove as a small mistake can lead to burn your fingers and palm.
  • Once the blocks have caught fire, you can place the cooking pot over the stove and start the cooking process.
  • The last step is to keep an eye on the blocks because you might need to add more blocks to make sure the flame lasts longer.

Gas burners

Gas burners are quite popular among the tourists as it quite easy to use as compared to other backpacking stoves. Let’s have a look at the step by step guide to use gas burner in the correct manner:

  • First of all, place the gas stove on an even surface and separate the pan support present on the top of the camp stove.
  • Now, pull off the lid from the gas stove and open the cartridge cover.
  • The next step is to insert a gas cartridge into the gas burner. However, by performing this step you should hold the burner straight and shift the cartridge lever downwards to make sure the gas cartridge is inserted into the right place.
  • Turn on the control knob and light up the stove. Repeat the process until the gas burner doesn’t light.
  • For controlling the heat power, regulate the control knob accordingly.

You can now use the gas burner to cook meal. However, you should avoid using pans that are quite large in size because it will direct the heat in the downward direction i.e. towards gas cartridge. Moreover, if you are using two burners for cooking, then you should place them at a certain distance because if placed closely, then the chances of overheat are very high.

  • Once you have completed the cooking process, turn off the control knob and shift the cartridge lever upwards.
  • Before removing the gas cartridge, you should make sure the flames are completely extinguished and the burner is not at all hot. The last step is to remove the red protective cap and replace it with a new one.

The methods mentioned above will help you to correctly use solid fuel stoves, non-pressurized stoves and gas burners. Following the correct methods mentioned above will help you to avoid major accidents and enhance the camp stove’s performance.

Important Safety tips for best camping stoves

As you are well aware with the correct methods to use camp stoves, let’s have a look at some of the useful safety tips:

  • No matter which type of camp stove you are using, you should always place it on an even surface. Placing a camp stove on uneven surface will increase the chances of fuel leakage, which might result in serious damages.
  • You should never cook inside your tent. Tents are highly ignitable and even a spark can lead to fire.
  • Before you start to remove gas cartridges, you need to make sure the stove is not at all hot. Moreover, you should not leave any gas cartridge in the cooker, when it is not in use.
  • After ever use, you should thoroughly clean the camp stove with mild soap and water and safely store it in a dry place.

Before using a camp stove, you should always look for damages and leakages. If you have found any damage or leakage, never use a backpacking stove.

These are some of the useful safety tips, which will allow you to prevent major damages. So, follow the safety tips and the correct usage methods mentioned above for maximum protection.