Five Surprising Things You Need To Know About Wood Burning Camp Stoves

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Imagine yourself walking in the woods while listening to the songs of the birds in the air. You feel the cool summer breeze and dip yourself in the river. Then turn that computer off, get up, pack your things, and go backpacking. Nothing will ever happen to you if you keep that sedentary lifestyle. Because you will not teleport to the forest of your dreams.

You’re done stuffing your clothes, food, and other essentials in your knapsack. Now, think about what else you need to bring. Probably, you need a stove to cook your food. So, now that you have figured out you needed a stove, the next question will be what kind of stove. Do you want a fossil fueled one or the one that’s fueled by renewable energy resources?

Firewood Burning Camp Stoves

Allow me to convince you why do you have to use wood burning camp stoves instead of petroleum-based ones. These are five things you possibly don’t know about wood burning camp stoves:  

# 1 They are way cheaper

If you search online for the best backpacking stove you will be directed to expensive petroleum-based stoves. And you’re not only offered stoves they also come with propane canisters — most of them are sold separately. Thus, adding extra costs. A propane canister will cost you another $20.

Unlike petroleum-based stove, the wood burning camping stove doesn’t need propane. All you have to do is pick up some dried wood and use them as fuel. Save your 20 dollars for other uses.

# 2 They help you travel lighter

man carrying on his right firewood sticksYou understand that backpacking means going outdoors as light as possible. You don’t need extra weight on top of your backpack. You don’t bring your kitchen with you.

You only have to bring a stove and a box of matches or if you like a butane lighter. You don’t bother yourself carrying that standard LPG cylinder or propane canister. Just the stove.

# 3 They reduce your carbon footprint

Propane gas, butane, and LPG are petroleum-based. They’re fossil fuel. And the world over is fighting wars in the middle east for petrol. We know that petroleum and petroleum-based products are big contributors to carbon footprints.

Climate change is real. It is happening. You can help mother earth by reducing your carbon footprints. Instead of petroleum, use renewable energy. Dried wood is a renewable energy resource.

# 4 They burn not only wood

Do you know that wood burning stoves don’t just burn wood? It’s not in the name, buddy. That should be a no brainer. You can also use twigs, dried leaves, and pine cones as fuel. And they’re free. You can find them everywhere.

That’s the beauty of going outdoors there are so many free resources you can use to cook your food. Just be careful with your stove so you don’t cause forest fires.

fire fireplace burning on fire

# 5 They cook better tasting food

Here’s what you don’t know for certain: wood burning stoves cook better tasting food.

You want to that fish you caught from the lake grilled. Wood charcoal is best for that. The smoke will add aroma to the fish. Or you want to roast that wild duck, wood fire will enhance the flavor of the meat.

Know more about life hacks. Don’t rely too much on what your money can buy. Look around and there are so many free to use sources of energy outdoors.

You can now go backpacking with your friends. Don’t worry about how to boil water for your coffee and how to cook your breakfast outdoors. Use a wood burning camping stove. It saves your money and it helps save mother earth.

Here’s the video of the top wood burning backpacking stoves you may consider: