How to eat clean while camping?

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If you are heading out for camping, then you would like to eat different food dishes that you are not able to eat at home. However, you should try to eat clean during the camp, which means avoiding the consumption of processed foods. This might be difficult for you, but if you wish to enjoy your camping trip without any health issues, then you must have a limited diet during the camp. If you are having no clue about the camp diet, then follow the tips mentioned below.

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Prepare meals at home

Before leaving for the camp, you must prepare some meals at home so that you do not have to rely on junk food only during the camp. During the camp, you might be thinking of a different food dish than the dish decided by the whole group. In such cases, you can take help of the camping stoves to heat up the dish already prepared by you at home and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal. Soups, salads, oats are some of the dishes you can easily prepare at home and carry along with you during the camp.

Carry healthy snacks

If you are not interested in preparing meals, then you can carry some snacks with you. Snacks will not help you to overcome your hunger, but would be a great option for refreshment during travelling. You might not be fond of snacks, but you should carry ample amounts of it with you because you cannot set up the camp stove after frequent intervals to prepare a meal. Let’s have a look at some of the favourite snacks.


Popcorn is quite popular among the people who head out for a camping or hiking trip because a person can eat popcorn at any point of time. You do not need to set up the camp to enjoy popcorn as you can also eat them while travelling.

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Almond bars

If you do not like the food dish prepared during the camp, then you can eat almond bars. After eating this snack, you do not have to eat any other dish as your stomach will be full.

Bring desserts

Many people have a habit of eating dessert after a meal. Desserts are not only delicious, but are also helpful in keeping you healthy. During the camp, you would be extremely tired after some performing some adventurous activities. A desert after a meal will help you to forget all your tiredness. You can carry homemade cookies, muffins and other deserts you like.

Enjoy drinks

No matter whether you drink alcohol or not, you will like to have a special drink at night during the camp. In case you are non-alcoholic, you should prepare a mock trial using herbs, sparkling water and juice. In case you wish to consume alcohol, then you should mix it with gin, soda and sparkling water to reduce the alcohol intake. So, keep your drink special to stay hydrated and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

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Use a camp stove

As you know, a camp stove is the best means of cooking and heat during the camp; you should get the most of it by using it for preparing different meals during the camp. You might be thinking, after a tiring day, you won’t have enough energy to prepare a meal. However, cooking during the camp is fun and allows you to enjoy different food dishes.

Before starting the cooking process, you should first chop down the essential ingredients like onions, tomato, capsicum and many more. The next step is to collect food packets from the group members and put the food in a cooking pot. Let’s have a look some of the interesting recipes, which must be cooked during the camp days:

Grilled Artichokes

One of the simplest recipes is grilled artichokes. While preparing this dish, you should prepare vinaigrette using salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice instead of using aioli to cook grilled artichokes.

Shishito peppers

This is one the simplest, yet delicious dish to be cooked during the camp. This dish can be easily cooked in an iron food pan, which makes it the perfect dish to be prepared during camping.


If you wish to enjoy healthy as well as delicious food, then you must cook trout tacos. This dish is easy to cook and is an ideal dish for the people who love to eat fish.

So, now you are well aware with the food items to carry with you during camping. The tips mentioned above will help you to enjoy a healthy meal with the appropriate amount of protein and fats. So, rather than eating junk foods only during the camp, you must follow the ideas mentioned above to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal during the camp.

The next question arises, are you aware with the food equipment, which must be carried to cook food dishes. If no, then collect the food equipment’s mentioned below:

Best gas stove

best gas stoveWithout the help of camping stove or gas stove, you cannot prepare a meal during the camp. So, you should buy the best gas stove available in the market to stay away from the problems.


Utensils such as cooking pot, fried pans, and spoons must be carried along to cook food dishes. Without the help of utensils, you will not be able to prepare any dish, which means you need to rely on the prepared food meals on during the whole camping period.


Last but not the least, Coleman camp stove runs on liquid fuels. So, you must carry enough amounts of liquid fuels in safe canisters to avail the services of the stove to cook food dishes. If, you run out of fuel during the camp, then it would be extremely difficult to find fuel and turn on the stove.

These are some of the food equipment, which must be carried along with the food dishes and ingredients. So, follow all the tips mentioned above, to double your enjoyment during the camp.


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