How to Enjoy Camping and Stay Safe in High Winds?

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Camping is a lot of fun if the weather is pleasant. High winds are not considered as the ideal weather for camping as it makes it difficult for the people to survive during the camp. High winds will affect the journey as it will not allow you to set up the camp fire, compact camping stove, tents and will also make it difficult for you to move across the trails.

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In this article we will be discussing about some of the useful tips, which will make things easier for you during the unpleasant weather.

Do not go on camping alone

Some people are so excited about the camping trip that they head out alone for the trip. You should avoid heading out for a camping trip alone as a group of people can easily deal with the difficult situations rather than a single person. In case of heavy winds, a group of members can easily protect the camping gears from flying away. So, plan a camping trip with at least two members.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast

Before heading out for a camping trip, you must check the expected weather conditions of the area you are going to visit. You must have records of the expected rainfall, hail or other unpleasant weather conditions. Keeping a record will help you to easily deal with the high winds or unpleasant weather conditions as you will be already aware about the conditions and you must have prepared a plan to deal with it.

Carry frozen food

As you know, you cannot set up the white fuel stove during bad weather conditions, which means you cannot prepare a meal. Without the appropriate amount of food, it would be difficult for you to survive during the camp. So, in such situations, frozen food packets are the only option for eating a healthy meal. You should carry enoughamounts of frozen food packets with you as the weather does not remain constant during the camp, which means you cannot avail the services of a camp stove.

Set up the camp in open

During heavy winds, you should avoid setting up the camp near the trees because the branches might shed from the tree and fall on your camping area. In order to prevent a major accident, you should set up the camp away from the trees. You should look out for an open spot. Setting up a camp near the bushes is still better than setting up the camp near the trees as the risk of injuries is comparatively low.

Forget about the fire

In case of heavy winds, you should forget about the fire as you cannot set up the camp fire or a best camping stove for warmth. Rather than thinking about the fire, you should start thinking about the methods to deal with the heavy winds and cold. It will help you to perfectly deal with the poor weather conditions and will also help you to prevent cold and cough.

Wear glasses

During high wind, sand, dust, branches and small items will be flying away. So, you should always protect your body parts by wearing appropriate clothes according to the weather conditions. To protect your eyes from sand and dust, you must wear glasses. Wearing glasses will also help you to move from one place to another as you can see the path easily.

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Protect your camping gears

One of the common mistakes committed by most of the people during heavy winds is that they do not protect their camping gears. As a result, they lost their camping gears, which make it extremely difficult for them to survive the remaining camping trip. Moreover, losing the camping gears also increases the risk of an accident as the gears includes multi fuel camping stoves and litter, which might cause a fire in the trails. So, keep an eye on your camping gears and prevent them from flying away by putting heavy weights on them.

Carefully choose your camping gears

If you are aware about the weather disturbances during the camp, then you should carefully choose your camping gears. You should mainly focus on the selection of tent as you will be spending most of time in the tent during the heavy winds. You must choose a superior quality tent with low ground clearance and maximum surface area.

Do not set up the camp stove

Mostly, people carry woods camp stove with them for preparing meals during the camp. In case of heavy winds, you will not be able to set up the stove in the open area as the wind will blow the fire. In such situation, people bring the stove inside the tent and lit it up for preparing meals. You should never commit this major mistake as it can risk your life.

Carry means of entertainment

During poor weather conditions, you have to spend most of the time in your tent. So, you must bring appropriate means of entertainment with you to pass your free time happily. You can bring a deck of cards, board games and other means of entertainment to spend a happy and quality time with your friends or family during the camp.

Cancel your camping trip

dandelion nature sunlightIf the weather is getting worse and worse, then you should not wait for a day or more for a pleasant weather. You should immediately pack your bags and wait for the perfect time to head out for your homes. People who decide to stay in worse climatic conditions risk their lives as they might not get another chance to leave for their home because of heavy winds, rainfall and other poor climatic changes.

These are some of the useful tips, which are quite handy during bad weather conditions during the camp. These tips will help you to ensure safety of your fellow group members as you can easily survive during the camp without setting up the fire or portable propane stoves. So, keep all these tips in your mind before leaving for a camping trip.