How to enjoy a great camping experience with your dog?

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Are you planning for a camping trip and you don’t want to leave your pet behind? Well, the best solution in this case is to take your pet along with you. There could be few complications which if handled properly can help you enjoy your camping trip in a completely new way. Here are some amazing tips that can help you enjoy a great camping experience with your pets. These tips must be followed in detail so that you won’t face any difficulty during the trip.

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Prepare yourself and your dog well

Practice makes a man as well as a pet perfect. All you need to do is to prepare yourself as well as your dog well for the trip. Make sure to opt for those destinations where pets are allowed. This will save you from awkward situation.

Get your dog checked for vaccinations

  • Another most important thing to keep in mind is to get your dog checked for vaccinations. These days most of the vets can help in putting up a microchip inside the dog. It is not at all painful and can prove to be quite helpful in tracking your beloved pet.
  • You should also make sure that the dog is healthy and well hydrated. A happy and healthy dog can prove to be a great companion on your camping trip.

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Make preparations for your as well as your dog’s food

  • There is no fun in going to a camping trip if you or your dog is hungry. Hence, make adequate arrangements for food. Carry enough food items for yourself as well as your dog so that both of you can stay energetic and enjoy your vacations.
  • Another best idea is to carry high quality backpack stove so that you don’t have to worry about cooking and heating your food. Nice and hot food is all you need while going to a camping trip especially during winters or extreme cold conditions.

Carry all the important accessories related to your dog

camping with dogThere is no fun in taking your dog to a camping trip if you are not carrying important accessories related to him. There are many items such as walking leash, collar, harness, dog bed, water, food, first aid kit and poop bags. Prepare a checklist in advance so that you don’t forget these items while getting ready for your trip. A best gas stove can help you enjoy your trip more because you will be able to heat the food in cold condition and enjoy it piping hot.

Keep your lovely dog hydrated during the trip

  • Keeping your dog hydrated during the trip is one of the most important things to do because it helps in rejuvenation of the body. Also, make sure to give proper rest to the dog so that he should not overexert himself. Another best idea is to ensure proper stamina development of your dog. If you can start running or jogging with your dog before a month going to a trip then it would help in developing stamina. All this can prove to be quite handy during the camping trip especially going to a mountain or a tough terrain.
  • Keep your dog under supervision and it is always good to add a temporary tag so that the animal can be traced back easily. This tip is for those people who are not in the favour of a microchip insertion.

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Keep a strong check on the dog’s behaviour

  • If you see that the dog is getting easily stressed or at times excitable then make sure to cool him down. At times due to excessive heat the animal tends to become restless and it leads to abnormal behaviour. Keep him cool by giving him water and cooling items as recommended by the vet.
  • If you are going on a camp during winter season then make sure to carry a mechanism which will keep you and your dog warm. Backpacking stoves are a must and they help in keeping warm under cold and windy conditions. However, make sure to operate them after reading all the important instructions.

Ensure proper training

One of the best things to do before going on a camping trip is to make sure that proper training is given to the dog. Obedience training can help you enjoy the trip in a smooth way as the dog will be able to understand the instructions such as hand signs, voice and many more such important things.

Eat fresh and properly cooked food

Though it is little difficult to have fresh food while at the camping trip but of your trip is for 3 to 4 days them make sure to carry those food items which can be heated on a Coleman camp stove. Items such as packed pasta, beans and processed meat can be easily reheated and eaten. Also give proper nutrition to your dog so that he does not feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Always remember that a happy and satisfied dog can help you bring a smile on your face while on a trip.

Did you carried the doggie bag

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Apart from your own bag, make sure to carry a doggie bag with all the necessary items. This will help you to take out his items easily without wasting time. Dog safe sunscreen and collar lights are easily available at the nearest pet shop and these items can help you save from lot of agony.

Apart from the above mentioned tips there are many more that can be followed but the above mentioned tips are best and can help you enjoy your camping trip like a pro. Here is the important checklist of items in the end for your reference:

  • Camping stove
  • Water proof bags
  • Medicines, clothes, food, water, tent
  • Essential dog items such as dog food, collar, temporary tags

Go camping and enjoy with your dog!