Important maintenance tips for camping stoves

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Everyone loves camping, but it is quite difficult to survive during the adventurous trip as you have limited sources for cooking and heating. A camping stove is considered as the best source of heating and cooking during this adventurous trip as it can help you to prepare meals and stay warm.

maintenance tips for camping stoves

Camping gas stove is one of the most useful camping equipment and must be handled well to enjoy campfires and cooking for a long period. If you want the camping equipment to last longer, then you should maintain them properly. So, let’s have a look at some of the useful tips for taking care of your camping stove.

Be familiar with your camping stove

It would be better to know each and every aspect about your camping stove before using it. One of the common mistakes committed by people is that they start assembling the stove without reading the manual. Neglecting the manual might result in incorrect assembling, which will degrade the performance. So, it is better to take the help of the manual and follow the correct procedure to assemble the camping stove in order to operate it in the best way possible.

Use the right fuel

Use the right fuelDifferent types of fuels are used for different camping stove models. So, you should be well aware about the fuel to be used for the selected model. Some models can use different types of fuel, while some uses a specific type of fuel. It would be better to buy a multi fuel stove as you might find it difficult to find a specific fuel type in different camping areas.

Always use fresh fuel

A newly purchased camping stove is free from clogs, but it would not remain the same if you do not use fresh fuel. Some cooking fuels such as diesel and kerosene are extremely dirty and might clog your stove. So, it is better to use fresh fuel to make sure your stove remains free of clogs.

Use filter

Whenever you are filling the fuel tank, you must use a fuel funnel with filter to make sure the water and debris are not entered along with the fuel. Moreover, you should be extremely careful while opening and closing the fuel tank to avoid any obstructions entering it. By doing so, your stove will remain unclogged.

Clean it after every use

After cooking a meal, you should start the cleaning process immediately. You should check the hoses and look for the clogs in the fuel line. You should take help of biodegradable soap and warm water to wipe down the food spill. Camping stoves usually come with a maintenance kit, which includes a cleaning needle and tools to tighten/remove stove parts. You should take the maintenance kit along with yourself for camping and use it to remove clogs, if found any.

Never skip the annual cleaning

Before you place the camp stove in storage for the next camping trip, you should first clean it properly. No matter whether you are planning to head out for a camping trip in the coming few years or not, you must clean the stove once in a year for proper maintenance. You can take help of the manual to make repairs and clean pump, generator and other parts.

These are some of the important maintenance tips, which must be followed for the proper maintenance of the camping stove. By following the tips mentioned above, you will not take proper care of your camping stove, but also extend its life for a few years.

Tips to clean Multi-Fuel Camping Stoves

  • When you are not using the stove, then you should remove the fuel from the stove and safely store it in a bottle. You must follow this tip, whenever you move from one camp site to another site.
  • You should prefer to use white gas rather than using other cooking fuel because the white gas burns cleaner as compared to other fuels, which means you need to put less effort in cleaning and repairing the gas burner and the generator.
  • With the help of warm water and mild soap, you should clean all the food spills. Before using the stove again, you should make sure the stove is thoroughly dry and no water is left in the fuel tubing and the generator.
  • You should check the O-rings, jets, fuel lines and other parts that may collect any obstructions. Most of the multi fuel tips come with a maintenance kit, which includes a cleaning needle. You should take the help of a cleaning needle to remove the deposits.
  • You should use a lightweight machine oil to lubricate the camping stove pump.
  • The last tip is to safely store the stove to protect it from the dust. You can take the help of a plastic bag or storage bin to safely store the stove during camping.

Tips to clean Canister Camping Stoves

  • First of all, remove the food spills from the stove by using warm water and mild soap.
  • You should remove the canister from the stove, when you are not using it and store it separately from the stove. Plastic bags or storage bin is the best option for storing canister and the stove.
  • If the stove is not burning the fuel cleanly, then you need to clean the jet. In order to clean the jet, you need to consult the manual because different stove models have different procedures for cleaning jet. A cleaning needle and 8mm wrench would be required for cleaning the jet. So, you should either carry the maintenance kit or a multi tool along with yourself during camping for cleaning the jet.
  • Check the sealing points and if any point is torn, then replace it immediately.
  • You need to maintain fewer parts in canister stoves as compared to multi-fuel stoves, but it doesn’t mean that you should neglect the maintenance procedures.
  • The last step is to store the stove in a dust proof bag or container.

The tips mentioned above must be followed during and after the camping trip to take complete care of the multi-fuel camping stoves as well as canister stoves. Most of the camping stoves come with one year warranty or lifetime warranties, so you should protect your stove by sending your registration card.

Maintenance tips before leaving for camping

camping stoves maintenance tips before leaving for camping

During camping you want to stay from the problems, especially with the problems related to a camping stove. We have come up with some useful tips, which will make sure the camping stove will remain free of issues during the camping.

Test your stove

Whether you have purchased the best gas stove or has an older model, you should first test your stove at home before heading out for the trip. In this way, you will easily come to know about the damaged parts that needs replacement

Test the boiling time

The next step is to check the time required by your stove to boil water. This small task will help you to know, whether your stove is operating well or not. If it is taking more time than expected, then your stove needs maintenance. You can either clean the stove yourself by taking help of manual or visiting the service centre.

Do not use optional fuels unnecessarily

Multi-fuel stoves will allow you to use different cooking fuels, but it would be better to use the best fuel for your stove. Using the best fuel will ensure maximum durability, which will help you to easily enjoy the camping trip without any difficulty. You should only use optional fuel in case of an emergency.

Clean up the food spills

As mentioned above, you should clean the food spills from the stove by using warm water and mild soap. Removing the food spills after every use will make it easy for you to clean the stove in the long run.

The tips mentioned above will help you to enjoy your camping trip, without worrying about the maintenance of your camping stove. So, you must strictly follow the tips mentioned above to prevent major problems during camping.

Final word

If you pay attention to your camping stove before, during and after the camping trip, then only it will last for years. Neglecting the maintenance procedures will only shorten the life of the camping stove, but will also make it difficult for you to survive during the camping.

A camping stove is the best transportable means of cooking and neglecting the maintenance procedures will increase the chances of the stove being damaged. In case, the stove is damaged during the trip, then it would be extremely difficult you to survive as you need to double your efforts for finding any means for cooking and heating.

All the tips mentioned above will help in taking complete care of the camping stove. So, if you wish to enjoy your camping trip and keep your camping stove is the tip top position then you should follow all the maintenance tips mentioned above.

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