Important Points A Girl Should Follow For Her First Camping Trip

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Everyone is excited about their first camping trip, but for some people their first camping trip is the last camping trip as they suffer a lot of difficulties during the camp. One of the major reasons behind a poor camping trip is packing. Like other trips, you do not have to carry a lot of clothes or shoes because without proper camping gears such as compact gas stove and tents; a user cannot survive a long trip.

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Girls need to be more careful while packing as they need to carry additional stuff with them for their comfort. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the important points, which must be kept in mind by every girl before leaving for her first camping trip.


  • Girls are very concerned about their clothing as they love to wear fancy clothes. However, when you are leaving for a camping trip, you should keep things simple by packing simple t-shirts, pants and jackets.
  • You should carry additional shorts, trousers and t-shirts with you for better comfort. However, you should strictly avoid packing fancy designed t-shirts or jackets because during the camp the weather is not certain and the fancy clothes might not be the best option in extreme windy conditions for the girls.


There is no use of the makeup kits during the camp as you will not get enough time during the camp to get ready. So, it is better to carry essential accessories only during the camp to reduce the weights, which will help you to carry your bags during the camp with ease. You should carry scrunches, bobby pins and other important accessories along with you.

Woman in Black and White Bikini Sitting on White Stand Facing Beach during Daytime


  • Girls should be extremely careful while packing their footwear. Fancy slippers, heels and other trendy footwear are of no use during the camp as you have to cross uneven trails. So, you should pack a pair of sport shoes and slippers with you.
  • Sport shoes are perfect for crossing trails, while slippers are ideal for the night to visit around the camping area.

Health care items

You will not find sufficient amount of water every time during the camp, which means you, should carry essential health care items with you to clean your hands and body parts. You should carry a sanitizer, moisturizing creams and other essential health care items with you.


A camping stove is of no use, if you do not carry proper cookware with you. You should carry a cooking pot, plates, glasses, spoons and other important cookware with you during the camp to enjoy delicious meals without any difficulty.


Everyone likes to capture the best moments of their memorable journey in photographs. So, it would be better to carry a small digital camera with better picture quality, to capture every moment of your camping. However, you must carry additional batteries with you as you will not be able to charge the batteries during the camp.


Another important item to be carried during the camping trip is toiletries. So, you must carry shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and other essential toiletries with you to survive the camping trip without any difficulty.

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Camping equipment

  • No matter whether you are a girl or boy, the list of camping equipment to be carried along the trip remains the same for everyone. You should make sure that you have carried essential camping gears, i.e. multi fuel backpacking stove, tents, sleeping bag, mosquito net, flashlights, first aid kits and other important equipment with you. Without these gears, you might not be able to survive more than one day during the camp.

These are some of the important points, which must be considered by every girl before packing their bags for the camping trip. If these points are followed, then the girls will not find it difficult to survive the camping trip as they have the best solution for the expected difficulties during the camp. Apart from packing, a girl should also follow the useful tips mentioned below:

Visit your doctor

Girls should specially pay a visit to their doctor before leaving for the camping trip. During the camp, a girl needs to deal with the rough trails and difficult weather conditions, so it is better to take earlier precautions by getting vaccinated against some of the common diseases such as cough, hepatitis and few more.

Follow the instructions

On your first camping trip, you will not be able to find an appropriate solution for a problem all aloe. So, you should always stay close to the group members and follow all the instructions of your camp leader very carefully. Following the instructions, will help you to stay away from the problems.

Safety precautions

Everyone knows girls love to cook. However, you need to take appropriate safety precautions during the camp. Camp stoves run on solid fuels and a small mistake can lead to a severe accident. So, you should take appropriate precautions, such as not keeping the fuel open or close to the fire and many more to ensure safety.

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Eat healthy

You cannot survive the camping trip by eating junk food or snacks all the time. You need to eat healthy food dishes for gaining energy. Moreover, you should drink plenty of water during the trip to keep yourself hydrated and away from the heat stroke.

Stay away from the fire

  • During the camp you have to set up the camp fire for warmth and safety. However, while setting up a camp fire you should make sure all the flammable items such as fuel are away from it. Moreover, you should also make sure that you do not start a camp fire under the branches.

These are some of the important tips, which must be followed by every camp member including girls for ensuring safety. Following these useful tips will help you to stay away from the common camping problems. So, now what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and remember the tips mentioned above, before you leave for your first camping trip.