Never Ignore these Essential Camping Rules

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Most of the people only follow the basic rules of camping mentioned on the internet or magazines.  There are some essential camping rules, which are not known by most of the campers around the world. The unwritten camping rules include the rules related to camp stoves, health, discipline and entertainment. So, let’s have a look at some of the important camping rules, which must be followed by every person, who wish to plan a camping trip.

tents on a snow covered mountain

Clean your site

Before you leave for your home, you should clean the camping site. Leaving a dirty site will increase the work for the next workers as they have to first clean up the whole site and then set up their camp. So, you should always clean the camp site and take back all the items you have brought along with youto the camp.

Clean up your pet’s waste

trick dog trick malinois dog show trickIf you are planning to take your pet along with you on the camp, then you must clean up your pet’s waste. Most of the campers allow their pet’s to go out in the jungle and do the business, but it doesn’t mean that you should not clean up their waste. Cleaning their waste will make sure no other family member or friends step on it and will also be helpful in maintaining the eco system.

Do not violate the quiet time rule

Every camp site has a specific time period, in which each member needs to maintain peace. Most of the campers are unaware about this and as a result they keep on playing loud music, playing games and making the environment noisy. So, you must check out the quiet time for the specific camping site and try to keep the noise at the minimum level to make sure that no one gets disturbed because of you.

Do not raise the music volume to the maximum level

Some people like classical music, while some loves rock music. So, whenever you are playing music during the camp, you should make sure no other person finds it offensive as some people might like your music section, while some people can absolutely hate it. So, do not raise the music volume to the maximum level to make sure no one finds it offensive.

Do not bring your own wood

Campers love to set around the camp fire and play some exciting games. In order to set up a camp fire, you will require a lot of wood. Mostly, people carry their own wood with themselves to set up the fire. It is a well known fact that bringing your own wood will also bring a lot of bacteria and insects along with it, which will result in a severe damage. So, do not carry your own wood and try to collect the wood near the camp site only. 

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Safety comes first

You should not get too excited for the trip that you do not take care of the camping gears. You should take proper care of the camping gears, especially camping gas burner and fuel because a little mistake can cause a severe damage. Fuel is highly flammable, so you use air tight canisters for collecting them. Moreover, you should make sure the kids stay away from the burner and fuel.

Co-operate with the fellow group members

You must co-operate with your fellow group members for cleaning and cooking processes. Co-operating with them will save your time and allow you to explore more adventure places as you can easily wrap up the cleaning and cooking process within a few minutes. Co-operating with the group members during the camp can also result in long term friendship as you might find a true friend in the camp.

Avoid washing dishes in the bathroom

You should avoid washing dishes in the bathroom, i.e. the place where campers wash their hands and face. You should choose a different place for washing dishes in order to maintain cleanliness on the campsite.

Use lowlights

If you are driving through the camp site, then you should always use low lights rather than using bright lights. Bright lights will disturb the other campers moving around the trails and might also frighten them. Moreover, if a group is already camping at a different site, then their sleep can also get disturbed with the bright light. So, use low lights to drive carefully and that too without disturbing anyone.

Avoid food wastage

During the camp, you should avoid food wastage because you never know, when your portable propane single burner gas stove might stop working. Safely preserving the food will help you to deal with hunger later on, when you are left with no options for preparing a meal.

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Never leave food in the open

During the night, people love to play games and eat food in the open area. After a few hours, they found themselves really tired and step into their tents for a peaceful sleep, without cleaning the camp area. You should never commit the same mistake of not cleaning the camp area before going to bed because leaving the food in the open will invite the animals to your camp area, which might risk your lives.

Pack your bags

On the last day of your trip, you should pack your bags and make sure you have packed all the items you have bought. You should take out the check list you have prepared earlier for packing items and check the items you have packed. Cross checking with the check list will make sure that you have not left any precious camping items, such as portable butane stove.

These are some of the useful camping tips, which must be followed by every member of the camping team. Following the tips mentioned above will help you to take appropriate care of your health, camping gear items. The tips mentioned above will make sure no one gets disturbed during the trip and every member has a memorable and lovely camping trip.